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The Heart of the Matter...
Your ideas, your vision, your voice, your book.

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Know what story you want to write about, what impact you want to have on the reader and be the best writer you can be. Write in your own voice, from your point of view. Develop and structure your plot, write strong dialogue with compelling characters and...know the importance of good concept-content development and copy/line editing for your book.

Know Your Truths...Psychology of Being A Writer

Explore why you want to write why you even need to write! Eliminate the fears and frustrations of being a writer: emotional interferences such as being an extroverted or introverted writer, procrastination, negative voices, feeling vulnerable; dreaded rejection letters, or from practical issues such as finances, computer skills and managing your time.

How "NOT" to Write any Book

Don't wait to be inspired. Your inspiration is already inside you. Do not try to fit into trends that may not fit your style or interests. Over-planning, over-researching, or relying on other's opinion of your work, can cause your work to feel artificial. Also, do not copy/line edit as you go along. Just keep writing!

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