Manuscript Review

Are You Ready to Publish?

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Before you submit your work to a publisher, an agent, or magazine be sure that your work is ready for "prime time!"

  • Have a professional provide you with a review that will help you move forward in a positive direction.
  • Receive input on concept, structure, flow, point of view, dialogue, character development and voice.
  • Be sure your point of view and tone are consistent throughout your work.
  • Have your work edited for concept , insuring that transitions are smooth and correctly placed.
  • Receive input on both the positive elements of your manuscript and areas that need to be reworked.
  • Learn how to present your work to editors and publishers.
  • Develop a one or two page overview of your project that invites attention.
  • Discover what your query letter should highlight.

Fee depends on the size of the work.

In addition, we will proofread your work to eliminate typographical errors, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Additional fee for proofreading based on size of work.

To schedule a personal consultation, e-mail Marcia or call (831) 250-5171.

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