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CreativeBook Concepts is about the business of writing and getting published. This service is for those of you who dream of writing a book or have written a book, it might be fiction, non-fiction or a memoir. We offer you the power of ideas, followed by professional and personalized strategies and actions including break-through marketing ideas.

If you have a book you want to write, CreativeBook Concepts can help you define the concept, format and topic, prepare a winning proposal, develop effective and timely marketing and publicity strategies, and identify sources as well as provide industry connections to whom you can present your idea.

If you have a book you have written, CreativeBook Concepts can help you professionally edit, proof and promote to publishers and/or agents, discuss pros and cons of self-publishing. Bringing our over 25 years of experience in marketing and public relations we can also help you develop a promotional strategy for your book in order to obtain maximum exposure and recognition.

To schedule a personal consultation, e-mail Marcia or call (831) 250-5171.

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